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Revolution: Against the Grain of the “Grind”
This is my
Declaration  of Independence.
My refusal
to be another cog in the wheel of surreal
nine to five…
to nine to five…
to nine to five…
in an 8x5 cell of 8 hour hell,
in a lifeless individual prison
lacking vision
of the world
that lies beyond the confines
of conditioned
Into the verity
Of unshackled liberty,
where I SEE
the many ways in which
brainwashing propaganda slanders  
the truth,
and I uproot
those seeds of deception,   
(so long undetected)
planted within my mind.
But now the truth  
is my contraceptive to their formation,
and my opened eyes
are my weapons,
Unsheathing the sharp edges of their lies,
Before they can pierce my consciousness,
And now MY unspoken truths
Are the roots from which my spirit grows,
And heaven only knows
where it will stop,
because I am overflowing
simply  knowing
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 0 0
As My Spirit Exhales
As my spirit exhales
Bequeathing unto the wind the cares and concerns
of the day,                                  
My thoughts are purified
By silence
And the poetry of my essence
Begins to seep through the orifices of my mind,
Coloring the palate of my existence
With endless crimson streaks of passion,
Deep black rainbows of intensity,        
Full blue swirls of grief…
These are the colors of my words,
These are the souls of my poetry.
Inhale them
And be intoxicated.    
Your sense of judgment
And see through eyes of acceptance
Your grip on balance
And slip into emotion
For a moment...
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 0 1
Literary Orgasm
Rhythm of Liteary Orgasm
As my receptive ears are so boldly caressed
By your sensual expressions
I feel awoken within my breasts, (figuratively speaking, of course)
The pulsing of some supernatural rhythm
Causing my insides to resonate to the vibrations of some unhearable call
That reaches into parts of me I’ve kept secret even from myself
And draws up from  within them
Such a wealth of mysterious passion
That my mind begins to tremble
So fluidly
As I feel myself, my spirit, penetrated-
By the deepening beauty of your words
So that such complete pleasure
Is poured upon my senses, at the utterance of your every syllable,
And I feel myself beginning to slip into the curvature of your words,
Which seem as if they were made solely for the purpose of enveloping my mind
My body,
Caressing the softest parts of my spirit
With secret forbidden kisses
Tiny licks of
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 19 15
Wherefor Art Thou Silent Romeo
Wherefore art thou
Truly now
For though you stand here
In fleshly presence
Still I see you not
I see a flimsy silhouette
At best a paper man
And I must wonder, I must ask
For I fail to understand
Why you hide yourself from me
Why you invent so many personalities
That are nothing but fluff
Why are you afraid?
And what are you afraid of?
For I am soft
And I am sweet
I am only made of
The fluffiest down
The sweetest dew
And I must ask again,
What fear you?
My kiss is sweet
Simple and pure
No poison rests upon my lips
No torture to endure
From my soft caress
My gentle touch is only such
And naught to be afraid of
My  embrace hides no dagger
To thrust into your turned back
And my sweet eyes are always so
Their innocence hides no attack
What then, is this fear you have?
That holds you back from being real
What Is this strange apprehension
That causes you to mask the zeal
With which you long to hold me?
You say that you have told me
All there is to tell
But somehow I see more in the
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 1 13
Perfect Gift Of Your Existance
I thank you for the perfect gift
Of your existence
And the beautiful joy your presence brings
The gentle wind of uplifting inspiration
That travels in your wake
From your honest, truthful essence
And most genuine depth of soul
Fall into my embrace,
And I shall roll away your worries
I will absorb the tears
From your lovely streaming face
As you fall into your place
That is the hole inside my heart
As the single most beautiful part
Of me.
Engraved into my essence
Embodied in my aura
And blessing my whole being
With the gift of seeing
Through the eyes of unbelievable love
That I shall now love you forever!
And my feelings shall go on
Increasing in proportion to eternity
For you are the breath of warmth and life
The kiss of truest closeness
And the expression of true love,
With your pure and simple goodness
You are singularly strong
In your effervescent love of life
And enchanting beyond belief
It is beyond the realm of words
To embody your honest beauty
And barely within my power
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 0 8
emotional insanity
You suffer from the most horrible broken pain
Of the emotionally insane
As your shadows splash upon the ground
Larger now, yet still unfound
As your fourth of a heart begins to pound
To the beat of imaginary footsteps
Nearing your paranoid corner of imagined safety
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 0 3
lost poetry of your soul
Somewhere, in those softly burning gems of amber radience
Lies a stifled song of pain
And i hear, in its silent melody
A voice that whispers the lost poetry of your soul.
Lay your lovely face upon my shoulder
And let flow the ocean of your perfect tears
Into the basin of my heart
For i will catch each chilly, priceless stream
Of your sweet and lovely sadness
And cradle it in the warmth of myself,
Until it stings no more
And looses its icy power
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 1 5
awaiting my capture
I do not desire to be won
to be gotten
to be obtained
I want to be Captured
so capture me-
with the fluidity of your kiss
and the rapture
of your touch
Steal me from myself and make me yours
touch my spirit
with the gentle warmth of your caress
Embrace me
with the lucid Fire that glows from within your eyes
And drown me in the perfect floods of your mysterious passion
and i shall stand forever yours
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 8 10
voice of stolen silence
You have Tread upon my freedom
And Stolen away my Voice
Yet you ask me why i do not sing-
You wonder at my silence!
I do not speak to you because i have no voice-
No voice that you could hear
And i cannot sing -joyously-
Because you have strangled me with fear
But even my silence
You refuse to accept
and so now,
i sing for you a mournful tune
that embodies the hollow emptiness
that has taken the place of my freedom.
It is the Voice of My Tears,
The Harmony of my Brokenness
And the melody of my pain,
which rains upon your defeaned ears
Yet fails to reach beyond their blockage
and so
now rest within me
Nothing more than hollow emptiness
and Deepest sadness
as i am tossed about wildly
in the river of eternal frost
without direction
without affection
in imperfection's harshest torture
And drowning in the deepest pain
from the acid rain
Flowing from my own sweet eyes
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 1 17
Blackest Kiss of Deepest Dark
Thou Darkest darkness of coldest night
Come, and steal me away
Wrap me in your blackest blanket
Shield me from the light of day
Turn my black tears blacker still
As they trickle from my blackened eyes
Fold me in your bleakest shadows
Where deepest of all sorrow lies
For there I feel I shall be at home,
Alone with no one near
Finally surrounded by
The strongest of my fears
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 0 7
penalty of ignorance
The lash of the whip you feel on your back
As you burn from the fire you did not start.
You struggle in bonds you did not create
As pieces are shaved from your still beating heart.
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 0 4
There is a sweet and lovely something
In the silent melody of your lovliness
That has stolen me from myself
And made me yours.
I have been so completely captured
By the amber radience of your spirit,
Dazzled by the perfect strength embodied in your aura,
And so deeply shaken
By the realization
Of the souful passion that is your own true beauty,
That I find myself left breathless,
Praying for air that I might inhale
And be brought back down to earth,
For the glow of your most beautiful spirit is too great for my mortal eyes
Yet still I know that I must have you.
It is as if I am held in some invisible grip,
Unable to escape me infatuation,
So here I writhe in delicious entrapment
Filled with awe and flushed with joy,
Praying for that most perfect day
That I shall hold you in my waiting arms
And tell to your soft and lovely lips the tale of my affection
As I greet them with my own.
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 0 0
shadow sawn asunder
I see, floating in your darkened eyes
The most disconnected death
As you painfully draw breath
Through your crushed and broken lungs
Into your slashed and beaten body
Swirling in the blackest cloud of confusion
As the nearly dead illusion
And the shadow sawn asunder
As upon the wall
Slowly crawl the shadowed tricklings of your tears
Those silent projections of your fears
Leak evasively from your mask of joy
Carrying in themselves the story of truth
That seeks so be bled from within you
As the softest expression of ultimate frustration
Bringing the final satisfaction of unrestrained elation
As the deepest concentration of reflected darkness
And the sweet interpretation of realities black starkness
When your tears become ignited
And bring new fire to your eyes
As former pain intensifies
The strength you have become
From your bitter scars,
Kissed by the white hot stars of pain
You've learned from the burns
Of reality's quietest and most powerful demon
After his first and deepest thirst
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 1 0
Mercilessly entangled
by the molten winds of lucid passion's first embrace,
I find myself left breathless,
Captured by the fluidity of your kiss
and shaken by the intensity of your desire
leaping through every pore
And I am burning, so pleasurably
with this instatiable yearning
for more of this incomprably warm tingle
which plays upon my body,
forcing me to tremble as my blood begins to labor
:iconpoetic-essence:Poetic-Essence 1 9


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Hello all my deviant friends, i'm back now. School's started back, work's started back, and now i'm finally getting back into something like a routine. So please continue 2 be patient with me, i will check out all your deviations and give u my feed back. Thanks + much deviant love to you all